LS#050- How A Health Scare Ignited a Healthier Living Brand: Mareya Ibrahim


Mareya Ibrahim is the Founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, Inc., an eco solutions company focusing on produce food safety and shelf life. Grow Green Industries has created the Eat Cleaner product line which removes 99.99% of wax, pesticide and agricultural/handling residue that can carry bacteria from fresh produce.
Although Mareya was in the food industry as a holistic nutritionist and trained chef, she didn’t see the need for the Eat Cleaner products until her father was diagnosed with cancer and was told to stay away from fresh produce. Mareya joined forces with her scientist father to create a solution that would allow him to eat produce and not be afraid of contracting foodborne illnesses.
In this episode, Mareya shares how it felt to work her “second shift” building Grow Green Industries while maintaining a full-time marketing job and being a single mother. She also advises on the essential first steps to take when you are looking to patent a product.
Mareya and her work is an example of how the passion for solving one issue can end up being the catalyst for so many others. She also discusses the ins and outs of offering an affiliate program to her customers and how "show & tell" is the best model to educate and market.
There is no doubt; she is fueled by a fire to provide products that make food safer to eat, last longer and curb food waste!


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daily graTitude/prayer/meditation

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