LS #037- How To Go From Party Planner to Party Products Designer: Ryan Larson


Ryan Larson is the Founder and CEO of Tin Parade and Savoir Flair Weddings. She’s one of those people that has a knack for elevating the simplest of gatherings and turning them into something special.

She caught the entrepreneurial bug early on. By the time she was eight years old, she had a paper route. Since then she has always looked for ways she could create her own income and live by her own rules.  As an adult, she channeled that same spirit by launching Savoir Flair Weddings, a wedding design service.

While planning and creating meaningful celebrations for couples, Ryan she was inspired to create a line of memorable party and home goods. In 2013, Ryan founded Tin Parade and brought to market the first ever Table Banner.

In this episode, Ryan shares the challenges of communicating high concept products to buyers and shares how she cleverly overcame that as she grew. She shares the difficulty in starting up in an industry that is unfamiliar and offers tips that will help you stand out at trade shows. 

It’s evident that Ryan’s work ethic, her willingness to learn and take risks, and her never-ending imagination has earned her a reputation as a creative innovator in the party and home goods industry. 


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