LS#067- How a Menswear Shirt Build a Women’s Wear Brand: Sadie Beaudet

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Sadie Beaudet is the Founder and CEO of Tradlands, a clothing line offering essentials for women inspired by classic menswear.

In this episode, Sadie shares how it all started with a button up shirt. Although she didn’t hold a fashion-design degree, Sadie grew up sewing and learning how to sew from her grandmother and mom. She was always drawn to menswear clothing and found shopping for such items limited. Putting her sewing skills to good use, she made her own pieces.  Sadie believed there were more women like her wanting this timeless clothing.

While Sadie never thought she would run her own business, she grew up with parents who encouraged her and her brother to be entrepreneurs. After spending time in the typical 9-5 jobs, she found herself wanting more ownership and growth in the work that she was doing. Since launching Tradlands, she reflects on how natural it feels to be an entrepreneur. It’s not without hardships, but there is something beautiful about putting out your vision and values into the world through business.

Sadie believes in the power of communication to build a community of customers. Whether it’s a survey, email, or questions asked in an Instagram post-- she works to create a platform where her followers are engaged with and heard.

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