LS #054- How One Woman Returned to the Workforce by Writing Grants: Rachel Repko

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Rachel Repko is the Founder and CEO of Repko Grants, a consultancy that supports non-profits in securing revenue from private and corporate grants.

After years of working in Public Relations for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, Rachel decided to step away from work to be home with her three children. When Rachel decided to leave her job, her employers suggested that she try her hand at grant writing from home. A few years later Rachel was ready to return to work and decided to test the grant writing waters again, but this time on her own.

In this episode, hear how Rachel discovered that her talent for technical writing, the need for revenue generation for non-profits, her passion for ending homelessness and her ability in storytelling could become a business. She made a name for herself one grant at a time and began working with leading organizations in the Los Angeles-area.

Today Repko Grants continue to support human services organizations that work to end homelessness, human-trafficking, and to support families and education. Rachel also shares how she intentionally uses Repko Grants as a platform to bring on other female grant writers and pass on the same opportunities she was afforded.

Rachel believes the hardest part of launching is deciding to start. She advises us to get support from community and mentors, to be yourself and be ready to work hard! She gives us all a healthy perspective that not all businesses are built to scale. You can build a business that fits the life you want to lead.



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