LS #036- How to Self-Publish a Cookbook that Celebrates People one TOAST at a Time: Kara Dykert

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Kara Dykert is the Founder and CEO of Kara Elise and Author of Toast. She specializes in creating spaces that spark community. She is also a recipe creator, food stylist and officially the hostess with the mostess.

After working in the wedding planning industry for years, Kara was ready for a change. She moved to Los Angeles and decided to create her dream job, a dinner party company. She began hosting a bi-monthly dinner party from her loft called Whisky Wednesdays. Kara’s dream job organically grew into catering for individuals and events, hosting retreats, food styling, creating branded content, and authoring a book about Toast!

In this episode, Kara shares how her Enneagram 7 personality, “The Enthusiast,” has aided her in embracing who she is as a woman and entrepreneur. She has been able to build, and grow, a business that is life-giving based on a deeper understanding of both her strengths and weaknesses.

Although Kara has focused on being a content creator, she developed an itch to produce something she could hold. She wanted to create a beautiful product that couldn’t easily be destroyed. Toast: Finding Freedom in the Kitchen, is the realization of that dream. This cookbook empowers its readers to join Kara in creating space for a community by sharing a simple but tasty piece of toast with others.

Kara’s thoughts on beauty, freedom, and space will have you excited to host your next dinner party and take a personality test or two.


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