EP 005- Designer and Art Director of Jessica Comingore Studio: Jessica Comingore

Photo credit: Sisilia Piring

Photo credit: Sisilia Piring


Jessica is the Designer and Art Director of the Jessica Comingore Studio a lifestyle branding company. In this episode, hear about how Jessica knew from an early age that she wanted to be a business owner and learn how she eventually got there.

Jessica shares how working at an architectural and then an interior design firm and blogging on The Elysian Edit in her free time, set her up to launch her own lifestyle branding company. Now five years later she is preparing for the next phase of growth.

Along with sharing her own story, Jessica offers clear branding rules for anyone who is just starting to think about branding or is in need of refining their branding. She also offers sound advice on letting go the need to do everything alone, and the importance of taking care of yourself. In her own words, “Work smart not hard."


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