Welcome to the paper version of LIBERTY! 

We all need examples of what’s possible to inform our pursuits. We need to listen and learn from one another's experiences and expertise.

Studies have shown that a tactile experience is more valuable in the creative process. We are more likely to experiment with ideas and to achieve goals when we write them down. Additionally, in a world where digital has consumed us, I wanted to create something that engaged a few more senses.

This hybrid publication seemed to be the answer. The perfectly sized journal will fit nicely in your Clare V. tote, and it’s filled with beautiful images and articles to inspire your curiosity. The journal format is chock-full of questions that ultimately help articulate the future you were created for. Throughout each section, LIBERTY provides space for you to record your thoughts, list your to-dos, and consider your possibilities. 

When I look at the landscape of content for entrepreneurial women, I notice the majority of platforms serve a narrow demographic. Where are the stories of women killing it at every age, and under varied circumstances? We need to hear from women over 45 who have the wisdom to share and we need to include voices from our digitally native sisters who have much to teach. The idea of women helping women should not be exclusive to a specific generation. In fact, it can’t be. We need each other’s stories to weave into our own.  From, handbag designer, Clare Vivier's phenomenal success to Jan McCarthy showing us that it’s never too late to add one more title to your multi-hyphenate career to the ladies of Project Raiz who teach us how they activated real change for their African sisters, seeing the success of others leads to believing in our own. I wanted to include women of all ages and stages in their entrepreneurial journey so you could see yourself reflected on these pages. Considering your possibilities and pursuing your calling shouldn't be limited because of birthdate. Don’t believe me? Read Gina Pell's Perennial article on page 58!

My hope is these pages catalyze you to become the woman you were meant to be. It’s all in you, and now it’s time to let it out. 

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