Marrakech Retreat: The Art of Business

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Katherine Suarez of Nomad Atelier and Jan McCarthy have teamed up to offer a journey of a lifetime.

March 6th-10th, 2019

Held in the dusty labyrinth of Marrakech, a city that is both immediately familiar and at the same time inspiringly mysterious, this retreat is an exclusive escape tailored to the Art of Business, Self-Discovery and Slow Travel. It is designed to provide inspiration and thoughtful introspection into your mindset, giving you the time for reflection to really listen and refine where you are in your business vision, evolve your creative voice and explore the hidden elements of Marrakech. 

A perfect hideaway, your hotel is a beautiful minimalist riad in Marrakech’s Medina where to immerse yourself in your business vision.


You will explore different sensorial experiences whether it is awakening your creativity and unique voice in storytelling while exploring Marrakech, learning about your mindset and where to put your focus in your business or cultivating rituals of self-care in the desert. 

A journey of self-discovery, four days and four nights carefully curated for you to connect with yourself, while giving you the space to nurture your body, recharge yourself and explore the labyrinth of souks, artists & designers truly experiencing Marrakech.


/ Day 1, Wednesday Afternoon, March 6th: NEW ENCOUNTERS

/ Day 2, Thursday, March 7th: THE ART OF BUSINESS in our beautiful riad

/ Day 3, Friday, March 8th: THE ART OF SLOW TRAVEL - Exploring Marrakech

/ Day 4, Saturday, March 9th: THE ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY - To the Desert

/ Day 5, Sunday Morning: Farewell breakfast & departure.


LIBERTY Members who make the voyage will be treated to a hammam—a traditional bathing and cleansing ritual. For most Moroccans, the hammam is more than a day at the spa; it is a social event that happens regularly, rooted in the tradition of Islamic cleansing ablutions. This is a $50-$60 value and may be traded in to reduce your retreat costs if you prefer.

Please email for more information.

Nada Jones