Nada Jones has been supporting women in their entrepreneurial journey for over 17 years. As a consultant, speaker, workshop & conference organizer she has seen the paradigm shift.

It’s no secret that women are launching at a record pace. Every day there are stories of women taking the entrepreneurial plunge. BUT, there are also stories of towels being hung up. No support, no access to funding, no mentoring, no one connecting the dots from where you are to who you need to know to what you need to know and the list goes on.

Through our community (and events and podcast and journal), we are hell-bent on inspiring you while ALSO equipping you on this entrepreneurial journey. Opening your mind to consider what’s possible while also clearing and cultivating a path is precisely why we are here.

"Now, more than ever before, women pursuing entrepreneurial ventures are no longer considered outliers. Generations of women are embracing and pursuing their multiple identities as creators, disruptors, communicators, mentors, social innovators, mothers and partners. Many are leaving traditional jobs, roles and mindsets to launch a business, create a more flexible schedule, own their financial future, advocate for others, and ultimately, pursue their best life. It’s time to support this #NowGeneration of women. Through years of experience, a few things have become clear to me:

-We need each other to assure us we are not alone. We need face time (not the smart phone kind) to engage one another and build meaningful relationships that can support us personally and professionally.

-We need purpose in our work and life.

-We need to cross mentor each other based on experience and expertise and not just rotations around the sun. Having said that, we also need to learn from life experience as well as digital know-how.

-We need both positive and constructive feedback. We need to get out of our heads and share our successes and roadblocks with like-minded women.

-We need others to believe in us. We have bad days! We need to know we can do it.

-We love our families and friends but they don’t always get it. We need a community of women "who are there, doing that” as well as “been there, done that.”

-We need tools and resources to help us become more efficient and effective with our time, our money and the people that come along side us.