Nada Jones (pronounced Ned-uh, like "Canada" or if you're a Starbucks barista you might prefer "Netta" or "Nedda", you get the point!)  is the 40-something CEO and Founder of LIBERTY, a multi-media platform created to inspire and equip women to launch and grow their entrepreneurial ventures. She is married to Mr. Jones, a modern-day Jimmy Stewart, and a mother to three smaller (and way cooler) Joneses. 

Nada has spent the last 17 years as a consultant and advocate for entrepreneurial women. Through the LIBERTY platform, she is committed to empowering all women, not just millennials who have embraced the entrepreneurial life with ease. “Considering what’s possible and pursuing your calling doesn’t end at 35, in fact, that’s when the need for flexibility and purpose are realized.”

Nada began her entrepreneurial career in 2000 with the launch of, a retail and wholesale co-op for emerging female designers in NYC. Nada was CEO for nine years and experimented with other roles such as marketer, editor, retailer, wholesaler, business developer, publicist, accountant and HTML destroyer (there are some things you should hire out). She took great joy in seeing the co-op and its newly minted designers featured in swanky mags like InStyleLuckyNewsweekWWDElle, Teen Vogue, the New York Post, Daily Candy and the Washington Post.

In 2008, she co-authored a “how to” book with friend and former nedandshell business partner. “Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women” spent time on Amazon’s best-selling business books list thanks to its unique workbook format.

Speaking and seminar opportunities accompanied the book tour and Nada realized that there was much to be done to support women in this space. In 2011, Nada launched ltdLIVE, a conference that brought together speakers, experts, service providers and brands that were all in the business of empowering and helping small businesses. 

At the same time, Nada founded the Dream for a Dream initiative. Through this program she has been able to partner with and support game-changing social organizations, such as the Tory Burch Foundation, JoinFITE and Dermalogica, Charity Water and Miss Representation. She also co-founded Project Raiz, a social impact project partnering American designers with artisans in Swaziland and Mozambique.

Nada is also the principal of Nada Jones Consulting. Her work supporting female small business owners has given her unique insight into their successes and challenges. It’s these past 17 years of experience, combined with the absence of meaningful content that has informed the creation of LIBERTY.