LS#076- How to Infuse Your Life Philosophy into Your Brand: Amy Tan

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

We loved sitting down with the sunny personality that is Amy Tan, not only because her smiles and energy are infectious but because she is serious about creativity in a way I had never experienced before. She is the brand and the brand is her.

This hand-lettering enthusiast is the founder of Amy Tangerine, a brand committed to providing creatives with the tools and space to see the bright, shiny side of life. Whether you follow her on IG, watch her on YouTube, listen to her on her podcast or read her new book Craft A Life You Love, it’s clear that Amy is on a mission to impact the world with her positive message. In this podcast, Amy shares how she went from stylist to fashion designer to product design and even teacher. She is a lesson in what it looks like to pay attention and pivot when necessary. One of the best things about our time with Amy, aside from her mom's homemade egg rolls, is how she details what she did to get to where she is. If you’re looking to pivot or trying to understand how to integrate multiple platforms to create your brand, this one's for you.


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