LS#068-How 2000 lbs of Metal Turned a Perfectionist Into a Creative Entrepreneur: Jill Nieporte

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Jill Nieporte is the Founder and CEO of Jill Cate Design and Letterpress, a design studio that offers bespoke stationery for special occasions and greeting cards.

In this episode, Jill shares how her full-time job left her in need of a creative outlet. Leaning into a childhood obsession; paper, ink, and words, Jill began designing special occasion stationery for fun.

While Jill has labeled herself a “middle of the road” artist, equal parts creative and organized, she found the letterpress to be a tool that allowed her “middle road” nature to flourish. With the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to invest in her own 2,000-pound letterpress and began learning the ancient art form. Jill is still cranking—literally, and has created thousands of custom wedding invitations, birth announcements, and stationery and has since added a line of greeting cards to inspire everyday connections—pen and stamp required!

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