LS#066- How a Chocolatier Built a Business Honoring Family and Culture - Renata StoIca

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Renata Stoica is the Chocolatier and CEO of tinyB Chocolates, a chocolate company that specializes in the official treat of Brazil--brigadeiros.

In this episode, Renata shares how her successful career as a nurse left her wanting more. She wanted to devote time to something more creative. Her search led her to renew her passion for chocolate making, and more specifically crafting brigadeiros, a skill she learned as a child from her chocolatier mother.

Wanting to turn her passion into a family run business, Renata teamed up with her husband, Andrei, a tech entrepreneur. Together they have grown their brigadeiros business focusing on e-commerce and taking advantage of their San Francisco location to build relationships with Silicon Valley companies. These relationships have led to large orders of boxed brigadeiros for clients and employees.  Additionally, they offer subscription services so that you can have a monthly “Treat Yourself” package delivered to your door.

Creating innovative sales channels, and offering a unique chocolate experience are just two reasons these two are enjoying sweet success.  

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