LS#065- How THE WHAT Created a Community of Perennial Women Looking for Shared Experiences: Gina Pell and Amy Parker

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Gina Pell and Amy Parker are the Chief Content and Chief Executive Officers of THE WHAT. list, a weekly newsletter and community, connecting women to WHAT matters to them.

In this episode, Amy and Gina share how they are business partners who “can’t quit each other!”  With 18 years and three ventures, they have weathered the entrepreneurial storm together. After navigating the dot com boom, the 2008 recession, running a lifestyle website, and the dramatic changes in online advertising, Gina and Amy have learned the importance of iteration and pivoting. Each of these lessons, and a little bit of life, have led to the launch of their 3rd business, THE WHAT. list.

THE WHAT. list has created a thriving online community of women through curated content around Amy and Gina’s discoveries of products, services and experiences. THE WHAT has grown beyond its newsletter beginnings and now boasts a vibrant private Facebook group and an in-person experience, THE WHAT. SUMMIT.

Side note: Nada also uncovers exactly what Gina meant when she coined “Perennial”. (We’ll let you discover what that means by listening to the episode--it’s fascinating)!  

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