LS#064- How One Woman’s Business Was Built To Celebrate Her Heritage: Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro is the Founder of ESPAÑOLITA, a platform that highlights all things great about Spanish culture, food and artisans. Whether its ESPAÑOLITA’s curated trips to Majorca, her Spanish inspired dinner series or sharing products and stories of native artisans, Carmen is committed to making sure you fall in love with her home country.  

In this episode, Carmen shares how her entrepreneurial journey was birthed out of passion. Her Spanish heritage has been a source of inspiration. From being a Production Assistant and art directing films to interior design and running a catering and floral business, the through line has always been her Spanish roots.

Carmen urges to “be yourself!” She challenges us to find our authentic voice and not get sucked into what’s “of-the-moment”--especially in social media. She encourages anyone who has an idea to just start! “Do it and allow yourself to be open to learn, pivot and create the space and business that’s right for you.”

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