LS#060- How A Single Mother Let Go of Fear to Disrupted the Hair Care Industry: Devin Graciano

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Devin Graciano is the Founder and CEO of Use Me hair products. The line consists of four luxurious hair products that are simple to understand and use.

At a young age, Devin wanted to work in the hair industry. When the popularity of hair extensions grew (pun intended) she became an educator and spokesperson for a well-known band. She was soon traveling the world as a sought after expert in the space.

In this episode, Devin opens up about how becoming a single mom caused her to rethink her career trajectory and pursue an idea she had been considering for years. She needed to create a schedule where she could continue to work in the industry she loved and be available for her daughter in the way she wanted to. Use Me hair products are the result of years of experience and expertise combined with her passion for simplifying even woman’s hair care routine with clean ingredients.

Along with her emotional and encouraging entrepreneurial story, Devin shares her tips for using social media to engage customers and grow brand awareness.

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