LS#059- How Eight Women Decided to Connect, Empower and Employ Women in Africa: Project Raiz

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

In the summer of 2016, Nada Jones, founder of LIBERTY, small business consultant, and author, along with Caroline McGraw, a social changemaker, producer, and documentarian, planned a trip to connect U.S. based designers with artisans in Swaziland and Mozambique. The goal of the trip was to find sustainable ways to employ African artisans through partnerships with U.S. designers. Together they would create products for a global marketplace. They called their venture Project Raiz. 

In this special episode of LIBERTY Sessions, Nada interviews each female designer who went on the Project Raiz trip. She checks in with them months later and asks why they went on the trip, what happened while they were there, what's happened since they’ve been back, and what’s next. 

Each designer shares her unique intention, experience and impact. We don’t want to spill ALL the beans, but let’s just say their hopes to empower and employ were realized in more ways than one.  


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For more information about Project Raiz go to Also, a special thanks to all the women to contribute to Project Raiz:

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