LS#058- How Pimple Popping Launched A Skin Care Business: Dr. Sandra Lee

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Dr. Sandra Lee is a board certified Dermatologist and social media sensation. In response to her enormous fan base, Dr. Pimple Popper, as she has come to be known as, has turned her focus to developing products and content to give her YouTube fans more of what they came for. Her skincare line, SLMD and her blog, The Pretty Pimple, both provide answers to various skincare needs and questions.

After being fascinated by an Instagram influencer, Dr. Sandra Lee decided to share videos of her daily work and soon found a community of people who are fascinated, obsessed, comforted and even appalled by her pimple popping videos.

In this episode, Dr. Lee shares how she parlayed her internet success into multiple revenue streams.  She’s honest and transparent about trying to balance various platforms while maintaining her dermatology practice and offers advice on delegating, letting go of control and differentiating yourself.  


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