LS#056- How One Woman’s Heritage Disrupted the Organic Baby Food Market: Agatha Achindu

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Agatha Achindu is the Founder and Chief Yummy Officer of Yummy Spoonfuls, a fresh and organic baby and toddler food company.

When Agatha immigrated from Cameroon in the 90’s, she was shocked by the amount of processed food U.S. grocery stores sold. As the daughter of a farmer, she grew up eating organic food from her family’s garden. When she became a mother, she was committed to providing the same healthy food for her baby. Others took note and she quickly became known as the local baby food chef.

After noticing that the organic food movement was failing to impact babies and children, and knowing that food was essential to preventing many of the illnesses children were experiencing, Agatha knew she could provide a solution and Yummy Spoonfuls was ultimately born.  

In this episode, Agatha shares how she left her IT career to pursue this venture full-time. She also delves into how she decided she needed a business partner and when she new she found the right person. Agatha’s interview is heartfelt--have the tissues ready.  You will be touched by her authenticity as she shares the stories of how Yummy Spoonfuls started, scaled and continues to thrive.  


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