LS #055- How One Woman Made it Her Business to Marry Style and Ethics: Morgan Hamel

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Morgan Hamel is the Founder and CEO of The Garment, a platform that connects women to responsible clothing brands through capsule wardrobes.

Morgan, an ethicist (yes--that’s a real thing), believes you can live a fuller, more vibrant life by owning fewer better things. Morgan came to realized that her need for connection and recognition caused her to shop. She had a closet full of clothes and yet was unsatisfied with her selection. She ultimately decided to change her mindset towards clothes and implement a capsule wardrobe with ethically responsible brands.  

In this episode, hear how Morgan identified a gap in the retail market while she was building her capsule wardrobe. Morgan decided to share her experience of building that wardrobe and quickly realized there was an interested and growing community paying attention. Through Instagram she has been able to partner with and connect responsible clothing brands to women, educate on capsule wardrobes, and host quarterly virtual pop-shops.

Morgan has built a very engaged community that continues to grow as more and more shoppers become conscious consumers. Learn how she hopes to disrupt the retail model by creating a whole new way to shop for these often hard to find brands.

Morgan’s platform was built by marrying her background in ethics with her love of fashion. She imparts great advice for those also wanting to integrate their expertise with their passion. In addition to advice on how to engage social media influencers, she also shares a few tips to start your capsule wardrobe.


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