LS #053- How Art and Business MERGES to Transform Hearts and Minds: Jennifer King & Abigail Killeen


In the late 90’s Abigail Killeen discovered the powerful story of Babette’s Feast. As a theater artist, she began working to adapt a version of Babette’s Feast for the stage. After sitting with her dream to share this story for over a decade, Abigail was now ready to present this play to a larger audience--the only thing she needed was cash.  Enter Jennifer King, a social entrepreneur and philanthropist and the Founder of The Rugged Elegance Foundation.

In this episode, learn how an artist and investor collaborate to produce a play that catalyzes art to inspire action. Listen to Abigail share why Jennifer’s advice of turning Babette’s Feast into a for-profit organization gave her the ability to dream bigger.

These two women offer insights from both the left and right side of the brain addressing the importance of artistry, social impact, strategic mission and philanthropic support when collaborating to create meaningful change and a sustainable platform. It is evident that both women are equally passionate about the message of Babette’s Feast and that the audience gets to experience its transformative grace.



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You can find out more about the stage adaptation of  Babette’s Feast at Follow Jennifer King at @rgdlgnt_jen on Instagram and Twitter and at @jennifercarolynking on Facebook. You can also check out Jennifer’s foundation at, retreat house at and Kudos Trading Co. at

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