LS #052-  How a Mother + Daughter Built a Business and Partnership with Purpose: Emily & Alina  Serebryany


Emily & Alina Serebryany are Co-Founders of Petaloom, an e-commerce company that celebrates relationships through planted gifts. Tune in a learn how this mother-daughter duo is plotting to disrupt the corporate and office gift market one plant at a time.

After selling her company, Emily Serebryany took some time to travel and ask herself “What’s next.” She discovered she wanted to give back, cultivate community, and support women in transition by launching a gifting company that specialized in plants. During the process of launching Petaloom, she sought out her daughter Emily's expertise in product development. Emily was supportive of this new venture and realized she wanted to join her mother in launching Petaloom.

In this episode, you will hear an intimate and intentional conversation around the issues that family-owned businesses face. Emily shares how she always wanted to run a business with Alina and AIina details how she has been able to see her mother as an evolving individual and business woman. Both advise on how to think through implementing celebration and gratitude in every aspect of the customer experience--not just in the gift.

Emily & Alina’s hard work and commitment to relationships are obvious in this interview. Learn how they take that same commitment a step further by supporting other women in places of transition.


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