LS#051- How One Woman’s Health Crisis Led to Launching a Dream Business: Laura Williams


Laura Williams is the Founder and CEO of Poppyhill Flowers, a Wedding & Event Floral Design company based in Los Angeles.

In 2010 Laura, a social worker and teacher, found herself in the midst of a health crisis that would no longer allow her to continue teaching. As she searched for what was she was next, her husband asked her, “What makes you feel alive?” She remembered the poppy hills of Spain that she encountered many years before. So naturally, she launched a floral design company!

In this episode, Laura details how in the midst of healing from six surgeries that left her vocal chords compromised, flowers became her voice. She decided to dedicate a year to learn the craft and volunteered her floral design services. She didn’t necessarily have a business plan, but she knew her “why,” and that reflected in her floral creations. By going the extra mile for clients and being supportive of other vendors in the wedding industry, Laura and Poppyhill’s reputation grew to the thriving business it is today.

Laura has a unique ability to see the power of being in the business of creating beauty. She brings this understanding to every event she designs. She has let go of comparison, the worry of being copied and she has learned to conquer the giant of self-doubt.

Laura’s soulful and honest responses will leave you wanting more.


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