LS#049- How A product Name Sparked Curiosity: Jenny Zheng


Jenny Zheng is the Founder and CEO of Little Fluffy Head Cafe, a Los Angeles based “cheese tea” shop selling an innovative, tasty treat new to the American market. Think of a fluffy cream cheese topping--not a block of cheese!

Three years ago while on a trip to Asia, Jenny tasted cheese tea for the first time and loved it. During that time she was working on her master’s in bioengineering at UCLA, but cheese tea ignited a passion in her to bring this unique beverage to her new home in Los Angeles.

In this episode, Jenny shares how she dreamed of owning a tea shop upon retirement. Alas, her cheese tea excitement flipped the timeline, and she opened her first cafe in her twenties. Jenny intentionally created the Little Fluffy Head Cafe space to accommodate Millennials social media skills by making each nook and cranny “Instagramable.” She wanted her customers to spread the gospel about these high-quality cheese teas and gave them the tools they need to willingly and happily do so.

Six months in and Jenny has learned a lot about using education as a marketing tool and how to capitalize on expanding her brand through Instagram (#saycheesetea). Jenny from one day has been incredibly thoughtful and receptive to structuring customer service that supports customers who are trying cheese tea for the first time. She also advises how to build a passionate customer service team.

Jenny is generous in sharing her mistakes and her tips. And while she might be brand new to the entrepreneurial world, her aptitude for research and strategy are notable.


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Follow Jenny and her cheese tea empire at @littlefluffyhead on Instagram and @littlefluffyheadcafe on Facebook. If you are interested in trying cheese tea, go to to view the menu and tell her LIBERTY sent you!

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