LS#048- How to Stay True to Your Brand One Cookie at a Time: Courtney Cowan


Courtney Cowan is the Founder and CEO of Milk Jar Cookies, a Los Angeles based cookie shop selling small-batch handmade classic and adventurous cookies. 
Courtney has been baking cookies since she was a child, and this hobby continued to give her joy into her adult life. She would often bring cookies to work, but her co-workers had no idea they weren’t from a bakery and that Courtney herself had made them. Soon she began selling cookies online as a side-hustle. Although Courtney enjoyed her job in television, her dream shifted when she considered a future in cookies. 
In this episode, Courtney shares what it was like to transition a seven-year side-hustle into a re-branded brick & mortar shop and online business. Since Milk Jar Cookies opened five years ago, she has seen her sales consistently grow month after month. Courtney generously details how she has handled quality control, a growing team and running her brick and mortar shop during times of growth and expansion.
Courtney offers her social media tips to engage both loyal and new customers. She also explains how a brick & mortar shop and online business can complement each other to convert sales. By the end of this episode, you’ll be logging onto to Milk Jar Cookies to order your very own batch of deliciousness! 


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You can follow Courtney at @milkjarcookies  on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are interested in tasting these yummy cookies, go to and order some today!

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