LS#047- How to Live Big in Business and Life: Mary Cecchini


Mary Cecchini is the Founder, Chief Adventurer and Travel Designer of Living Big Travel, a travel company that offers hosted small group adventures and travel design to support women in making their vacation...a vacation!

After years of climbing the corporate ladder in marketing and event production, Mary realized she wasn’t finding joy in her work. She decided to quit her job, travel extensively and create space to dream of a career that would allow her to thrive.

In this episode, Mary shares how blogging her way through her solo trip peaked women’s interest in her travels, They were asking for advice in planning their adventures. Naturally, Mary identified an underserved population in the travel market...women.

Mary provides insight on building a company around your skills. She also discusses ways to differentiate your business by identifying your ideal customer and curating services specifically for them. Mary’s self-awareness, adventurous spirit and business insights are a breath of fresh air. After listening to this podcast, you’ll agree that Living Big is an appropriate name for her company.


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You can follow Mary at @livingbiggtravel on Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in Living Big’s Hosted Adventures or Travel Design services, be sure to go to

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