LS#046- Why Your Expertise and Passion are Integral to Building your Brand and Your Bottomline: Liz Dennery Sanders


Liz Dennery Sanders is the Founder and CEO of SheBrand, a boutique branding and marketing firm specializing in women and women-owned businesses. Liz is also the author of a newly published book called Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand. 
For 20+ years Liz has worked in fashion, marketing and public relations. Before launching SheBrand, she owned and ran a successful PR agency, Dennery Marks Inc.
In this episode, Liz shares how she has put her belief in women into action. SheBrand help women cut through the noise and present a focused narrative about their brands. With the release of Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand, women everywhere can learn from her expertise.
Liz is a fountain of sage advice. From slowing down in order to grow to understanding how to channel your anger for good, this podcast is filled with branding and life wisdom. 


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Liz Recommends...

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Why Anger is Good for Your Brand

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Prioritizing the 3 top important tasks

Setting a timer- 50 minute work intervals


You can follow Liz at @shebrandliz on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to go to to get your copy of Style & Substance and all the additional downloadables Liz is offering for a limited time!

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