LS #045- How Spiritual Practices Change You and Your Work: Christine Hildebrand


Christine Hildebrand is the Founder and CEO of Emergent and Life Foundations. These two service-based companies help businesses and individuals identify their mission and grow into their potential from the inside out.
In this episode, Christine shares how she experienced an “awakening” while rising to the top of her retail buying position. She discovered it wasn’t what she expected and decided to figure out what she was being called towards.
This journey took her on the entrepreneurial path of starting two companies. Christine now teaches companies and individuals how to both incorporate “spirituality” and better understand the role of energetic practices.
Tune into this conversation to take advantage of Christine’s list of actionable practices you can begin to utilize right away!


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You can follow Christine and the Emergent team at @emergentsf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can follow her at Life Foundations at @lifefoundationsSF on Facebook and @aligntoyou on Instagram. Be sure to go to and to discover the services Christine offers.

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