LS #044- Why Waiting Makes all the Difference in Business: Jala Smith-Huys


Jala Smith-Huys is the Founder and CEO of Seek & Swoon, a textile company that makes heirloom quality knit throws.  These beautiful, recycled cotton blankets are inspired by faraway travels but made right here in America.

In this episode, Jala shares that she was ready to pivot from social media and marketing consulting, but was waiting for an idea that she cared about before she made any sudden moves. It was her son’s baby blanket that sparked the inspiration to explore launching a textile brand.
From creating a strong story to connect with customers, to researching mills, to insights on whether or not to hire a PR firm in the first couple of years of business, Jala is generous with detailing the essentials of how to start a new textile brand. She also encourages you to let go of your fear and take a chance on something you really believe in.


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