LS #043- How to Streamline a Process for the Masses: Kathryn Petralia


Kathryn Petralia is the President and Co-Founder of Kabbage. A financial services data and technology platform that provides an automated application process for small business loans.  
In this episode, Kathryn admits that she never saw herself as an entrepreneur, but always pursued jobs that sparked her interest, which happened to be start-ups. 
From crowdfunding to angel investors, Kathryn advises on how to prove your business’s worth by being committed to actually doing the work you set out to do. She also highlights how the internet is the great equalizer. In the case of Kabbage, this distinction removes gender, ethnicity and other cultural barriers from the loan application process which levels the playing field. She is giving small business a greater opportunity to pursue their interests to make a difference.


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Kathryn Recommends...

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Hello Fresh

Pumpspotting App

Accounting Services- Quickbooks

Open Business Checking Account

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You can follow Kathryn and the Kabbage team at @kabbageinc Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you are at a point in your business needing some operational funds, be sure to check out to learn more about their SBL process.

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