LS #042- How to Customize a Traditional Career Path Tailored Made for You: Cristina Perez


Cristina is an Attorney, Author, 3-time Emmy Winner Television Personality, Radio Host, and Speaker. She has used her passion for the law and people to educate the public on the importance of identity, family, diversity, and integrity. 

Cristina didn’t set out to become a multi-hyphante-preneur. She planned on being an excellent lawyer, wife, and mom. Her hard work, passion, and dual cultural vantage point opened up unexpected doors. From taking a seat as a judge for courtroom television to authoring three books, Cristina has walked through those open doors and told some great stories along the way. 

In this episode, Cristina shares how being the daughter of Colombian immigrants, watching them struggle with racism, and growing up in both the U.S. and Mexico profoundly shaped her interest around issues of justice and immigration. 

From learning how to parlay your expertise into new business opportunities and book publishing options, to work-life balance, Cristina has a world of experience to share.


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