LS #041- How an Alternative to Casseroles Became an Empowering Jewelry Company: Jennifer Kennedy 


Jennifer Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of By Your Side Collection. Her business offers tangible ways for communities of friends to support and encourage through jewelry. 
In this episode, Jennifer shares how her diagnosis of cancer inspired the mission of her company. During her 12th year of living cancer-free, Jennifer’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. At her mother’s first chemo appointment, Jennifer had a life-altering interaction with a patient in the waiting room. Seeing the woman sitting alone, Jennifer took off her necklace and gave it to the chemo patient as a physical reminder that “there is hope.” That simple exchange birthed the inspiration for By Your Side.
Jennifer has learned a lot in the process of designing, manufacturing, and building her jewelry company. She offers thoughts about learning a new industry while being present with her family.  Her passion for using her survival story and creating hope keeps her committed to this venture, even in the hard times. 


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