LS #040- When You Know It’s Time to Grow and Shift to Make an Even Greater Impact: Heather Trilling


Heather Trilling is the Founder & Principal of Trilling Landscape & Design and the Founder & Designer of the newly launched Lumber + Linen. In both businesses, she designs and curates intentional outdoor spaces.

Heather has always worked in creating a “healing environment”. Originally, she was a nurse in the pediatrics department at UCLA, but her landscaping hobby caught the eye of an HGTV producer. To her surprise, she landed a role on an HGTV show and subsequently launched Trilling Landscape & Design. Over the past 14 years, Heather has built a thriving business known for intentional drought-tolerant design and building spaces for people to gather and create memories. 

In this episode, Heather shares how she came to a crossroads with Trilling Landscape & Design. The business was growing and all was going well, but she found that managing the day to day operations wasn’t the role she wanted anymore. After several conversations with clients, Heather was encouraged to create an outdoor line of furniture and accessories.  She saw an opportunity to make a greater impact by creating products that are beautiful, organic, and reduce carbon footprints in our environment. In 2018, Heather launch Lumber + Linen.

With her experience in the service and now manufacturing industries, Heather offers well-informed advice on how to launch and grow a business. From picking a manufacturer to marketing, from building a team to staying in-line with your values, Heather leaves you emboldened to listen to your gut and grow your own business.


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