LS #038- What You’re Selling is Not What They’re Buying: Amy Swift 


Amy Swift is a Brand Strategist, Copy Writer and Founder of as well as the Founder of SMARTY. Her secret sauce lies in helping brands to unpack and restructure their messaging. 

Amy has been cultivating community and conversations around female entrepreneurship long before it was popular. First through Ladies Who Launch, where she co-authored a book and ran the West Coast region. Eventually, Amy pivoted to launch SMARTY a community platform that supported female-owned small businesses.

While working hard to grow SMARTY, and continuing her work as a brand strategist, Amy decided that her family needed a change. They transplanted to Manchester by the Sea to slow down, but life had other plans. Amy became severely ill and surviving became the only goal. During Amy’s time of healing, she was able to step back and redefine how she wanted to structure her life and work.

The wisdom that emerged from that season of life is evident. Amy’s insight and advice is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the booming conversations surrounding female entrepreneurship. She surprises us with advice not to “follow your passion” but rather, “pay attention to what interests you.”


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