EP #035- How to Find Your Voice and Tell Your Story in a Noisy World: Alexa Fischer

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Alexa Fischer is the Founder and CEO of AlexaFischer.com and Wishbeads. She specializes in teaching people how to speak their truth and find their internal light, in her words, “all 1000 watts”.

Trained at Yale School of Drama, Alexa had a successful career in acting. An “aha” moment prompted her to leave acting when she realized it wasn’t fulfilling her core passion, to love people. Three days later she took a job doing media training. Organically, she began getting clients and she her coaching services were thriving.

To differentiate herself, she put herself in front of a camera and began developing her methodology. Today, Alexa offers many ways to receive her training and expertise through online classes and in-person training for individuals and groups. Alexa has loved getting to use her training from drama school and love for people to help empower them to communicate effectively and naturally.

In this episode, Alexa shares the realities, and offers a few pointers, for those who want to launch an online class.

In addition to consulting, Alexa has launched Wishbeads. These wearable intentions are a tangible representation of a wish you want to actualize. Wearing the Wishbeads serves as a reminder to focus and act to make one’s wish come true.


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Please follow Alexa at @alexafischer on Youtube and LinkedIn, @1000wattalexa on Twitter, and @wishbeads.official on Instagram. Be sure to go to www.alexafischer.com to see Alexa’s online classes she offers. Also, check out www.wishbeads.com to get your own Wishbeads today.

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