EP #034- On-demand Fitness for Everyone at Anytime: Lauren Foundos

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Lauren Foundos is the Founder and CEO of FORTË, a streaming platform that brings live and on-demand boutique fitness classes to your home.  It’s the Netflix of gym memberships. How cool is that?

Lauren Foundos never set out to be an entrepreneur. She had a thriving career as a bond trader, but the Wall Street lifestyle was preventing her from integrating a core passion of hers, working out. So Lauren assembled a crew of co-workers and clients who, instead of going out to happy hour, would go to boutique fitness classes after work. Lauren’s love for working out and the community atmosphere ignited her passion to bring the boutique fitness experience to everyone, no matter where they lived!

In this episode, Lauren shares how she developed a robust streaming platform with no tech experience. She goes into to detail about the importance of spending wisely and keeping a lean budget while expanding your business. She also offers insight about free marketing through strategic partnerships and leveraging the partner's network to share your business's message.

There is no doubt that Lauren is an innovator and an expert in a new fitness industry. She is so encouraging as she confidently advises all entrepreneurs to stay focused on the present goals, and don’t get overwhelmed by the future. The best part about creating FORTË for Lauren is that she is the user of the product. She believes in what she has created and continues to work hard to share it with the world!


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Please follow Lauren and the FORTË team @Forte.fit on Instagram, @Forte.ForeverFit on Facebook, and @FORTE_FlT on Twitter. Be sure to go to www.forte.fit to check out their class offerings and subscription plans.

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