EP #032-Is the “Balanced Life” a Lie We’ve All Been Pursuing?: Samantha Ettus

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Samantha Ettus is a work/life wellness expert, keynote speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, and Founder of SamanthaEttus.com—Whew, that took a minute!  This lady is serious about helping people lead more fulfilled lives!

When Samantha went Harvard Business School, she was the only entrepreneur in her class—hard to imagine these days. She knew she wanted to do something different with her life but wasn’t sure what.  After graduating, Samantha launched Ettus Media Management, a personal branding firm. There she worked with many CEOs and field experts to create healthy boundaries and make meaningful changes that would lead to fulfilled personal and professional lives. 

Through her hard work and focus, she has become an expert in work/life wellness. Since launching SamanthaEttus.com, Samantha has shifted her focus to women. She supports women who want to work, have a family, be involved in their communities and be fulfilled. For Samantha it is not a “work/life balance” but a “pie for life” that brings happiness. In 2016 this best selling author published her fifth book, The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, to give women who work a playbook to thrive. 

Samantha's excitement is infectious! She is generous and honest in sharing stories about her own imperfect life. She challenges us to pursue being fulfilled, not perfect.

Samantha truly believes individuals have the power to design their lives. It takes determination, focus and embracing the messy to create the life you want. Hearing her wisdom will have you motivated to evaluate your own work/life situation and identify areas where you may need to create boundaries and simple goals.


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