EP #029- How Perfecting a Bag Became the Adventure of a Lifetime: Andrea Weinberg

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Andrea Weinberg is the Founder and CEO of ANDI, a line of bags made for the daily commute or adventure travels. While in the midst of completing her MBA and working a full-time job, Andrea identified a gap in the accessories industry. She needed a bag that she could use for work, travel, and daily life that was both durable and luxurious. Andrea’s curiosity led her to embark on an adventure of developing the ANDI bag.

In this episode, learn how Andrea’s background in litigation technology sales, her knowledge of travel, and an MBA created a thriving business. Andrea deep dives into the world of manufacturing. She offers advice on how to source materials, create a pattern, develop strong relationships with manufacturers, and encourages you to never hesitate to ask for advice or help.

Andrea also offers her perspective on social impact. She encourages us to develop products that embody one’s social impact values. Andrea’s passion is contagious and will encourage you to take that next step in your own entrepreneurial adventure.


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