EP 028- How Professional Heartbreak Led to Entrepreneurial Breakthrough: Sarah Magidoff of Canopy

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves

Photo credit: Sarah Shreves


Sarah Magidoff is the Founder and Creative Director of Canopy, a boutique creative studio designing for emerging brands. From a very young age, Sarah had her sights on being an architect and she worked hard to land in a reputable firm. In the midst of a career defining project, Sarah realized she didn’t actually enjoy being an architect. Heartbreak led to risk-taking and Sarah left her architecture career. She gave herself time to “play” in order to discover what she truly loved, and ultimately wanted to do with her life.

In this episode, hear how Sarah unintentionally began her own creative studio during her “play” period. Since launching, Sarah has grown her client base organically through word of mouth and has remained focused on working with emerging companies. Sarah walks her clients through an guided process of question asking in order to distill their story and create a compelling brand concept.

As a business owner, Sarah has experienced the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The hustle of working all the time to grow her business was beginning to threaten the love she had for her work. This year she decided to provoke the hustle narrative by developing the “slow entrepreneur” movement. Sarah reflects on how adopting the slow entrepreneur mindset at Canopy has saved her from burnout and ultimately allows her to live a life that keeps her healthy and happy.


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