EP 027- How a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Creates a Working Life: Tami Spenst

Photo credit: Sisilia Piring

Tami Spenst is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. As an actor, interior designer and founder of Pluck, co-founder and co-owner of the Wheelhouse bike and coffee shop, she’s been traversing over the uncharted territory of maintaining three different ventures. Although each business may seem extremely different from the other, Tami has been able to identify the centering purpose for all three, "creating so others feel like they belong."

Tami’s passion for inclusion propelled her into an unexpected entrepreneurial lifestyle pursuing three ventures. While each gives her life meaning, juggling all three does not come without challenges. In this episode, learn how Tami's organizational skills, and self-awareness, help her to manage her time, market her businesses, and continue to refine the processes of creating spaces for community and belonging. In addition, she enthusiastically offers the platforms, programs, and resources that have aided her in managing her full schedule.

As a storyteller, curator of human experiences, and retail business owner, Tami’s path compels you to consider a life made up of multiple careers.


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