EP 0026- From Scientist to Beauty Queen to Media Entrepreneur for Millennials: Iman Oubou

Photo credit: Sisilia Piring

Iman Oubou, a published scientist, philanthropist, beauty queen and entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of SWAAY Media and the Entrepreneurs En Vogue podcast. On the heels of being crowned Miss New York US in 2015, Iman sought for a meaningful way to utilize her platform. She launched the podcast to provide a space to share stories of successful female entrepreneurs. Based on the response to the Entrepreneurs En Vogue podcast, Iman launched her new business venture SWAAY Media.

In this episode, Iman shares the multiple reasons why she went after her entrepreneurial goals and why she aspires to change the way media communicates to young women. Iman talks about the lessons she learned raising money from investors, working for both nonprofit and for profit organizations and from an early business venture she was unprepared for. Her advice to pivot when necessary while never losing sight of the original vision is a great reminder to all.

In addition to her varied experiences, Iman talks about how starting her career in a male dominated world, moving from Morocco to the US and transitioning her career has given her a unique perspective and helps inform her storytelling medium.


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