EP 024- How Not Getting “The” Job Led to a Beautiful Career: Anne Sage

Photo Credit: Nicole LaMotte

Photo Credit: Nicole LaMotte


Anne Sage is a Content Creator. As a blogger, stylist, author and influencer she’s been navigating the road less travelled in an industry that is still unfolding. Back 2008 Anne, in hopes of having a running resume ready for Martha Stewart Living, started a blog. It was during the time when lifestyle and interior design blogs were still new and the community was small and supportive. In the past ten years Anne has witnessed the birth and boom of the blogging industry.

In this episode, learn how Anne navigated the challenges and benefits of an industry, and has been able to pivot to be a full-time content creator, stylist, writer, and creative. Anne is a wellspring of wisdom and insight and is acutely aware of the over saturation in the content creation industry. She breaks down useful ways to utilize the best platform for your audience. She gives examples on how to identify the value of your posting when in conversation with potential brand partnerships, and reminds us all to thinking about the long game. Anne asks us to uncover our why (to share a passion, tell a story or make money?), and doesn’t mince words when asked her opinion on the matter.

Anne has written a lifestyle book, Sage Living, remodeled and opened a photography studio, The Light Lab, and is now working on a memoir, TBD. She is a woman who is willing to listen, learn and take risks and as a result creates inspiration for days.


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Anne recommends...

Delegate & create a support network

Use your calendar!



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