EP 023- How an Adoption Attorney is Changing the Status Quo Like a Boss: Celeste Liversidge


Celeste Liversidge is a 20 year veteran lawyer and has spent the last 12 years focusing on adoption. In her tenure, as an lawyer, she has been listening, observing, and identifying the gaps in the adoption industry. Her justice minded passion kept her up late many nights thinking about ways she could solve the issues she identified. Her solutions propelled her to take an entrepreneurial approach and the result was not one, not two, BUT three additional ventures, all within the adoption industry!

In addition to her adoption practice that has been active for over a decade, Adoption Law Group, Celeste shares why she found the need to create an app, AdoptMatch, that connects birth parents searching for adoptive parents. From that, she found a need to create Adopt Connect, a secure platform that allows birth parents and adoptive parents to share information and stay connected based on their adoption agreement. TruAdopt is non-profit full-service adoption law firm dedicated to representing expectant mothers in an ethical, knowledgeable and compassionate manner. Listening to Celeste makes you feel like you have a front row seat to watching an industry change for the better.

Celeste’s strength, intelligence and humility is evident throughout this episode. Her story will encourage you to think about what gaps you see in your respective industry and what you can do to create meaningful change.


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