EP 022- How To Run A Socially Minded Business WITH Sarah Contrucci Smith: Founder of Ara Collective

Photo Credit: Sarah Shreves

Photo Credit: Sarah Shreves


Sarah Contrucci Smith is the Founder and CEO of Ara Collective, a collection of handpicked artisanal pieces blending traditional craftsmanship with modern style. In this episode, learn how Sarah's love of finding exceptional artisans while strolling local marketplaces ignited a vision for what could be. Although she never expected to be an entrepreneur, Sarah’s passion for collaborating with makers and socially conscious businesses prompted her to take the leap and launch Ara Collective.

She believes that makers who have been mastering their cultural heritage for generations should be able to provide for their families and she hopes to be a part of preserving their rich history and art form. In addition, Sarah is also careful to work with each artisan group in a way that highlights their techniques and offers something unique to the global market.

Listen to Sarah talk about her commitment to paying fair wages and how through Ara Collective she is able to offer a profit sharing opportunity to the artisans they work with. 10% goes to education scholarships for their children and health care in their communities.

From monsoon season to costing sheets, Sarah shares what it is like to run a cross-cultural business. Sarah also elaborates on how sometimes life, like having your first child, creates opportunities for your business to pivot and grow and how she had to learn to give more responsibility to her team.

Sarah believes freedom is like running a race, getting to work through those deep ethical questions and doing something about it. One listen to this podcast and it’s evident that Sarah is running her own race with Ara Collective and allowing others to come alongside and benefit from its mission.


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