EP 021- Tribe of Dreamers: Jen and Annie


Jen and Annie, the co-founders of Tribe of Dreamers, have a rom-com style story on how they met and created Tribe of Dreamers. These two women became business partners and friends as they created and sold beautiful jewelry to make the world a better place.

Their mantra has always been “Do what you love to end what you hate.” This strong foundation allowed them sell jewelry to help support non-profits around the world and helped raise money for international disaster relief aid, schools in war torn nations and anti-trafficking awareness to name a few. Ultimately,  this mantra guided them to realize when it was time for the both of them to transition from Tribe of Dreamers to pursue their independent passions. Annie is now the founder of Sonder Goods and Jen the founder of BOSCHMA fine jewelry.

In this episode, hear about how Annie and Jen arrived to the decision to transition and how they are managing the practical steps to still have Tribe of Dreamers as an active and meaningful platform while building their own new companies. Jen and Annie are honest, caring, and  intentional in “ending well” and supporting one another in the process.

Their story is truly unique. It will leave you believing that great business partnerships are not only possible but life giving.


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