EP 018- Fine Artist: Rachel Brown


Rachel Brown is an artist whose entrepreneurial spirit has helped her create a thriving business.  In this episode, hear about how Rachel fell in love with California while on a road trip.The Missouri native packed her bags and headed west in hopes of pursuing a creative career.

Rachel’s initial market research (in the most unlikely of places) left her poised to not only land her first few clients but her biggest account to date. She has made strategic decisions along the way that have enabled her to sustain inventory and production, a feat for for any artist. Rachel has also embraced the commercial side of art production and has found ways to expand her brand through various collaborations.  One of these collaborations even landed her in Africa training artisans to sell their art.

Rachel’s unique animal portraits have become coveted by interior designers, stagers, and the general public alike.  If you're an artist you need to hop on this podcast stat! Rachel gets down to business and gives you the step by step details of how she has been able to grow and sustain her career.


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