EP 017- Multi-Passionate-Preneur (Artist, Master Mind Leader and Radio host): Jan McCarthy


Jan is an extraordinary multi-hyphenated creative business entrepreneur. In this episode, Jan shares how her experience as an entrepreneur, an artist, and co-owner of several businesses with her husband, established her as a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs in all stages of development. Jan generously shares this knowledge through her radio show, mastermind groups, and business coaching.

Listen in as McCarthy invites us to think about what it means to be secure in being a business owner versus depending on others for security. She reminds us to be open to the opportunities that come along while you are in the process of growing your business, and lays out the possibility and realities of having multiple platforms.

Jan is a advocate for female founders to have mentors and by the end of this episode you will feel like Jan IS your personal mentor! Her wisdom, curiosity, and joyful spirit will encourage you to keep working on your business and design the life you want.


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