EP 016-Live LIBERTY Sessions: Santa Monica Night 2

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Our second live LIBERTY Sessions event from the Santa Monica WeWork offices. What do you get when a graphic designer, an author, an editor and an attorney all congregate together? A killer night of boss babes breaking it down! Listen in as Nada Jones interviews this stellar panel of entrepreneurial women. Each shares her story, successes, challenges and tips for all women who are thinking about starting their own venture or those needing a little motivation to stay the course.  Join Sarah Magidoff of Canopy, Claire Crisp, author of Waking Mathilda, Sarah Dubbledam of Darling Media, and Celeste Liversidge of  TruAdopt in this rich conversation. Warning, the ladies in this episode will have you laughing out loud and moved to tears--be prepared!


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The Panel recommends...

Tribes: We need you to lead us- Seth Godin

The miracle morning- Hal Elrod

Simple Habit



Want to learn more about our panel? Here’s all the info:

Sarah Magidoff: @madebycanopy on Instagram and Pinterest. Check out Sarah’s graphic design services at www.madebycanopy.com.

Claire Crisp: @londonerinla on Instagram, @clairecrisp1 on Twitter, and @claireccrisp on Facebook. Be sure to check out Claire’s book and blog at claireccrisp.com.

Sarah Dubbeldam: @darling and @ladydubbs on Instagram, @darlingmag on Twitter, and @darlingmagazine on YouTube. Be sure to go to www.darlingmagazine.org.

Celeste Liversidge: @tru.adopt on Instagram and @truadopt on Facebook. Be sure to go to www.truadopt.org to check out their services.

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