EP 015- Founder & CEO of Rachel Pally, Inc.: Rachel Pally


Rachel is the Founder & CEO of Rachel Pally, Inc. a Los Angeles based women’s clothing manufacturing company. In this episode, hear about how Rachel discovered her love for designing clothes while volunteering at Berkley's costume shop for credit hours towards her dance minor. Rachel began making clothes for herself and friends, and during a trip home to Los Angeles she found out that more than friends were interested in her designs.

After undergrad, Rachel moved home and began designing clothes from her room. She eventually partnered with a local manufacturer to learn the ropes from a seasoned expert and began producing her own line. Rachel gives her more than her two cents about how the value of  perseverance, a willingness to learn, and hard work can produce a successful business and life.

Rachel’s passion to celebrate women has influenced her strategic growth. Most notably her commitment to create beautiful, ethical, and comfortable clothing for women of all shapes, ages, and phases of life.

Pally candidly shares the joys and challenges of being CEO of an expanding business and the value of analog in a technological world. Whether her candid story of a not so spectacular experience selling on a major shopping network or her humor and joie de vivre, you’re gonna want to tune into this one!


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Rachel recommends...

notebook and a pen!



Please follow Rachel and the Rachel Pally team at @rachelpally on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to check out Rachel Pally’s beautiful clothing at www.rachelpally.com.

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