EP 011- Author and Advocate: Claire Crisp

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Claire Crisp is the Author of Waking Matilde, a memoir. She is also an Advocate for both Narcolepsy and self-publishing. In this episode, hear how Claire was led to share her family’s life changing experience with chronic illness.

Claire, a physical therapist and homeschool teacher, didn’t set out to become an author. Story telling became a vehicle for her to process her family’s experience, and has since become a way to give a voice to many young chronically ill children and their families. Her passion to bring a voice to the voiceless birthed a book and a blog. It also led her to learn the ins and outs of the self-publishing industry.

Claire offers insight on the entrepreneurial aspects of authoring and self-publishing. Hear how her book and blog are just the beginning in building her platform. Claire’s honest presence encourages you to find ways to share your own story.


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